Titfight Girls in Heat

Femdom lesbian sex catfight

The scene starts with both girls topless and Mona is challenging Lea for a titfight. Both girls going to their knees and start the titfight, means both girls are clawing and squeezing. The squeezing is mutual so the girls got their hands on the breasts of her opponent all the time.

Lea will be the winner of the titfight. As she is not pain resistant she will groan, moan and scream from time to time too. But the one suffering much more is Mona. She should groan and moan a lot and scream out loud in pain, when Lea gives her a hard claw. So Lea can be creative squeezing the big breasts. After round about 5minutes, Mona submits, so the first Fall goes to Lea. The clawing and squeezing should be a clawing not just a touching, they should not hurt each other or twist nipples or something like that, just a firm clawing and squeezing which looks nice 😉

The moaning and groaning should not be the sexual groaning of course, they suffer and the atmosphere has no erotic touch. Mona should scream out in pain from time to time to underline Lea’s dominance. 80% of the screams and moans go to Mona, 20% to Lea. And please, no trash talking like “how do you like this, bitch…”.

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After the titfight the catfight starts. No trash-talking, please! They can be creative when it comes to the tussle. The second Fall should go to Mona as she manages to get Lea in a school-girl-pin, fixating Lea’s arms with her hands. But she wont get this Fall so easy, as Lea manages to free one arm and claws one of Mona’s breasts hard with her free hand. Mona decides to endure the pain and not giving up her dominant position. So she moans and screams during the constant claw, but wont submit or release the hold. After 45 seconds, Lea realizes that Mona wont give in, so she submits. So the second Fall goes to Mona.

Third Fall. Goes to Lea, after a short tussle she manages to get behind Mona to get her in a reverse headlock. When Mona tries to free herself, Lea uses one arm for the headlock and one to claw one of Mona’s breasts. Mona tries to free a breast from her hand, but the claw is to firm, so after 30 seconds Mona submits.

Fourth Fall. Goes to Mona. She manages to get Lea in a headscissor between her legs. Lea tries to free herself desperately but without success, so she tries to reach Mona’s big breasts (with success) and squeezes them hard. Mona screams out in pain but she wants to win, so she endures the pain without giving up the scissor hold. After 45 seconds Lea gives Mona an extra hard squeeze and Mona moans loud but at the end Lea submits to Mona’s head scissor.

Last Fall and the win goes to Lea. After a short tussle Lea grabs Mona’s hair and pushes Mona to the ground. She manages to sit on Mona in a reverse face sit where Lea’s back not pointing to Mona’s feet, but to her head – a reverse face sit – just so. Mona tries to break free but without success and now Lea prompts her to submit, but Mona refuses. So Lea goes for Mona’s weakness again and presses both hands on Mona’s boobs. Mona screams and moans but tries to endure, then Lea (after 30 seconds) Lea grabs one breast with both hands like she wants to tie off one breast. This is to much for Mona and after another 20 seconds she submits and Lea is the winner of the match.

Mona’s job will be more important because the moaning and groaning and the screams of course shall be realistic and sometimes pretty loud and constant during the clawing and squeezing. It is a challenge, so no dirty-talk or trash-talking.

5 minutes for the titfight part and round about 10 minutes to the catfight part.