Possessed to Masturbate

Casey Calvert Masturbation

Casey is walking down the hallway, the strut caused by her heels making her hips sway from side to side. She’s wearing a, tight, red business pencil dress which goes to above her knees. Her hair is tied up in a bun and she’s wearing slender glasses; her finger nails also painting dark red. She’s late to the office and she knows she is. As she tries to make it to the office, she’s talks on the phone.

Casey: I can’t believe it. Yeah, I know; god I’m going to be late for work, can you believe it? Of course he would say that, he didn’t have to drive all the way to get here-

Meanwhile, there is something wondering watching Casey, something she’s unable to see. As she struts to rush where she needs to go, it locks on and enters her. The force catches her by surprise, makes her light-headed in a daze before knocking her off her feet and onto the ground. There’s still talk from the receiving end of the phone, the voice a woman.

Casey Calvert Masturbation

Phone receiver: Hello? Hello? Are you there? What’s going on?

Soon Casey awakens, although it’s not her, it’s the spirit of someone who has just entered her body. As her eyes awaken, she slowly and, in a dazed and confused state, gets back up, being slightly hindered and confused by the state of finding heels on her feet. Finally she gets to her feet, the phone still in her hand. Realising there’s someone on the receiving end, she puts it to her ear.

Phone receiver: Hello? Are we still going out tonight? Hi, are you still there?

Her head finally clears as her eyes blink multiple times in surprise at what’s going on. Still a bit confused, she answers.

Casey Calvert Masturbation

Casey: Yeah, sure, I’d love….

She hears her voice and can’t believe that the sound. She quickly brings her free hand to her throat.

Casey: To…

She quickly feels the bun with her free hand.

Casey thoughts: That’s not mine.

Casey Calvert Masturbation

Her hand slowly moves to her glasses feeling the rim of them.

Casey thoughts: Those aren’t mine.

She then moves her hand to her breast, (while the receiver is still talking), squeezing it and watching her hand squeeze it, before moving it down and grabbing her ass.

Casey thoughts: That’s definitely not mine.

She begins to rub her waist and her hips and feels the tingling sensation that slightly arouses her.

Casey: Oh my god. I’m a…… I’m a……..

Realising there’s still someone on the other end of the line, she lifts the phone to her ear and talks to them.

Casey: Erm….. I’ll call you right back.

Finding that she’s strutting in heels, her ass automatically sways from side to side and she can’t prevent it from happening. She goes into the ladies room where she puts her phone to the side (on the sink, or somewhere convenient) and looks at a mirror.

Casey Calvert

She stares at the mirror, and just stares at the person this spirit has possessed. Slowly and still staring at the reflection, she moves closer to the mirror. Her hands begin to feel the contours of her face, moving from her eyes, to her cheeks and finally begin to feel the puffiness of her lips, before making some pouty and then silent kissing motions. She opens her mouth, seeing her teeth before seeing her tongue. Her hands go to her neck, feeling the slenderness of it before she gazes at her own cleavage. She bends forwards and slowly begins to grope her breasts, letting off a slight moan of arousal as she does so. She steps back to get the whole reflection of her body. Her mouth is agape at the surprise of who she is now. She turns to the side, seeing a side view of her voluptuous figure; her mouth slightly smiles as she realises the body she now has is a very fruitful one. She turns back to face the mirror. Her mouth still agape, she squeezes her breasts with both her hands. Though her mouth is still agape with an element of surprise, a grin forms on her face.

Casey: Oh.

Her right hand moves, slowly rubbing her stomach, then to her hips, before moving to her ass again.

Casey: Oh ho ho.

Her right hand, still adventurous, then moves to the gap between her legs and cups it.

Casey: Oh. My. God.

Her mouth has now fully formed into a smile as she comes to the full realisation of what has happened. She bites her lower lip, both hands beginning to rub all over her body, her eyes closing. Both hands begin to grope her breasts once. With each grope, her hands squeezing and rubbing her breasts in a circular motion, she begins to groan with arousal and enjoyment. Her right hands begins to become adventurous again, moving to grasp and grope her ass, doing the same thing; her hips sway from side to side at the same time as if her body’s moving the rhythm of music. The sensation turns her on even more and she finally moves her right hand between her legs and begins to rub. She begins to masturbate slowly and the more she turns on, the more aroused she gets and everything begins to get faster. At first, she was rubbing the fabric of her dress between her legs but then moves her hand underneath. and begins to feel the fabric of her panties. She couldn’t believe what was happening. Her moaning began to get louder until now it was evident. She masturbates further until she has her first orgasm. After, she breathes a sigh of relaxation she had finished.

Straightening everything up, she readjusts her dress, still as tight and sexy as ever, her glassed and finally her bun; making sure that everything still looked professional and smart. She leaned forwards into the mirror again, exploring her face once again, feeling the contours of her face and making kissing/ pouting motions with her lips again. She stepped back and full body look at herself in the mirror.

Casey thoughts: Mmmm, I wonder what she’s like when she’s unravelled.
Casey pulls her two hands up and unravels her bun which lets down her hair, her eyes closed and her face turned up and she lets it down with both hands. As she gazes in the mirror, her mouth goes agape in surprise again, with a grin forming. She removes her glasses and walks towards the mirror again, in a slight rush, this time looking at her clear face. Talking to herself.

Casey: Again?

There’s a brief pause as she gazes at her face and then into her eyes.

Casey: Again.