Mommy is My Sex Slave

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A mom and her daughter were living alone after she and her husband had divorced. Things had been very tough and the money she’s getting every month from her ex husband for her daughter is a valuable source of income that she can’t afford to lose as her job doesn’t currently give her enough hours.

Her daughters birthday comes and she’d promised to get her the video game system (PS4) that she’d wanted and to give her a really great party but because she’s needed every penny she has made at work to pay bills, the rent/mortgage, and all other expenses she couldn’t do anything she had promised her.

Mommy is your sex slave

So the morning of her birthday when she goes into her room to wake her up she gives her a good morning hug and kiss and tells her happy birthday and then hesitantly tells her that because of the financial situation she wasn’t able to deliver on any of the promises she’d made but only got her a cake. Her daughter is furious because she’d been looking forward to this and decides to spend the day with her father instead who also had a day planned for her.

Fast forward to the end of the day, the daughter comes home from having a great birthday with her father and her mom is still there with the cake ready to have at least a small private celebration with her and that’s when she tells her that she’s thinking about moving in with her father. This of course panics her mother because she relies on the support she gets for her daughter and she tries to reason with her at first but when she sees that it’s clearly not working as her daughter continues to pack her bag she says that she’s willing to make it up to her “anyway she wants” all she has to do is name it.

Mommy is your sex slave

Her daughter tells her that there’s something she’s always wanted her to do but isn’t sure she’d be willing to do it. She prods her to just say it, that anything means anything and that’s when her daughter tells her nervously that she wants to be her sex slave. At first she laughs her off because she thinks she’s kidding but the daughter tells her that she’s been fantasizing about it since her father left and if she really wanted to make it up to her and is really willing to do anything then this is what it’ll take.

Once she realizes she’s serious she gets angry with her telling her how disrespectful it is to even suggest it and how dare she and absolutely not that this wasn’t what she meant when she said anything. After this burst of anger the daughter looks at her and half embarrassed and awkwardly says that it’s fine then I’ll just move in with dad. At this point she realizes that this is really what she wants and with an embarrassed expression and tone of voice attempts to compromise by offering to pull her tits out. Never expecting to even get this the daughter happily accepts and as her mom does it for her you can see the humiliation and anger on her face as she shrugs off her compliments towards her about how good she’s doing.

Mommy is your sex slave

After a little while the daughter then asks her mom to start using her mouth. Her daughter looks at her and says OK and starts to get up. At this point realizing she’s going to lose the money she gets for her daughter she breaks and puts her hand on her chest, says “master wait” , and start to lower her head into her lap, halfheartedly eating her pussy.

After a while as she asks her “Is this how you want mommy to do it”