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Cadence and Jamie are dressed in professional office wear. Hannah is wearing whatever she wants.

Cadence is in her office doing work when Jamie enters. They are meeting for the first time. Cadence tells her that she needs an event planner and she hopes to hire her. She is planning a BIG, fancy, schmancy event that is very important to her career. Jamie would be in charge of everything: location, food, security, everything.

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Hannah enters. She has revenge in her eyes. Cadence is very uncomfortable by this visit and orders Hannah to leave. Hannah explains to Jamie that Cadence is a really big bitch to work for. She details how Cadence has stripped, pied, and humiliated her in the past. Cadence says it was the other way around. Hannah says how Cadence sued her BUT FORTUNATELY she lost. So Hannah feels that she can now do whatever she wants to bitchy Cadence and get away with it and truly get some revenge. She tells Cadence that it is her mission in life to humiliate her no matter what. She will never know when it is coming. Cadence has a look on her face that knows that she has pissed off the wrong person.

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Hannah then proceeds to RIP OFF Cadence’s clothes, leaving her in her panties only. Cadence fights to keep her clothes on. Afterwards, Cadence does NOT cover herself with her hands.

Recall, it is not about the ripping per se, but the violent and fast removal of clothing. The whole thing should only take 1 minute or 2 at the most. Sometimes, the outfit is difficult to rip or remove swiftly and it can take several minutes to figure out how to get it off. If that happens, edit that out. I don’t want it to absorb too much screen time. Keep in mind, editing is last resort. Only edit the ripping if you pass the 2 minute mark.
Jamie tries to talk some sense into Hannah as she feels bad for the humiliated Cadence. However, Hannah has her mind made up. Hannah walks off with Cadence’s outfit remains.

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Jamie returns to Cadence to show her the details of what she came up with for the event. They talk business for a minute when Hannah enters. The ladies beg Hannah to leave and not humiliate Cadence. Hannah proceeds to rip Cadence’s clothes off once again. Cadence puts up a mild resistance (less than before). Cadence does NOT cover up. Hannah leaves and there is a minute or so of dialogue between Cadence and Jamie.


Jamie and Cadence enter the banquet room. Jamie is showing off the features of the room and why it will make a nice venue for the big event.
Cadence is on the left side of the screen, Jamie on the right. As they are talking, Hannah enters and goes to stand BEHIND Cadence. She is pretty much ignored by Jamie and Cadence. The attitude at this point is that Cadence is resigned to it all. Hannah rips off her dress (but the ripping starts from BEHIND Cadence). Cadence acts like nothing is happening and doesn’t fight it at all.

Hannah leaves and Cadence tells Jamie that it is her job to make sure this does not happen at the big event. It is too important to her career to have it go wrong.

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Cadence is nervous, and Jamie comes in and tells her everything is all set. She details all the security measures she has taken to prevent Hannah from getting in. Hannah enters and says she was the plus one of an invited guest. Cadence is terrified and Jamie reassures her that she will deal with Hannah. Cadence starts the party by turning her attention to the crowd. She thanks them for coming, talks about the event, tells about herself, etc. etc.

Meanwhile, Hannah and Jamie get into a heated argument/catfight as Jamie tries to get Hannah to leave. Dresses are torn off and they pie each other in the face. This goes on for approx. 12 minutes and about 10-12 pies get used. (Hair pulling and punching are encouraged. ) Cadence sees what is going on (to her horror) but tries to keep her eye on her guests as she continues her speech. I only ask that Hannah and Jamie do not simultaneously rip off their dresses. Do it one at a time.
Cadence wraps up her speech and tells everyone to mingle and she’ll join them shortly and that she has to deal with this distraction.

She then turns to the fighters and berates them. She is especially hard on Jamie who she feels has failed miserably at her role. Jamie now sees what a bitch Cadence is. Hannah goes to rip Cadence’s dress off but is stopped by Jamie. Cadence is relieved. Her relief is short-lived however because Jamie reveals that SHE wants to be the one to rip Cadence’s dress off. Hannah and Jamie bicker about who should be the one to do it while a worried Cadence looks on trying to talk them out of it. Jamie and/or Hannah rip it off.

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For the next two minutes, a clean but stripped Cadence fights the other two. She punches and pies them and pulls their hair.
After this, anyone can pie or punch or pull hair of anyone. Cadence ends up destroyed with pies. She is the aggressor and the victim at the same time. Cadence sees the audience leaving and she occasionally stops to tells the audience to please stay and she will have this dealt with shortly. Eventually Hannah and Jamie force Cadence to surrender.

All 3 girls are now sitting in chairs. Cadence is whining her party was ruined, she is humiliated, she might lose her job, etc. Hannah tells her this is just the beginning. Jamie says she wants in and they start to make a schedule of who gets to harass Cadence. “You take Mondays and I’ll take Tuesdays.” Etc, etc. Someone notices one pie is left. You decide what happens to it.

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