Lubed Up Lesbians

Chanel Preston Karma RX lubed up lesbians

Start the scene with Karma sitting in a chair having a smoke. When she finishes it, have her call in Chanel. Have her instruct Chanel to undress herself of everything except panties, stockings and her heels. Then have Karma place a butt plug in Chanel. Next have Karma instruct Chanel to undress her completely before laying down for a full body massage. Have Chanel use the cum lube as massage oil. Work on her back from the neck to her toes. While she works on her lower back and ass have her slide a finger in Karma’s butt a couple times here and there. When done with the one side, start on the other. Again work from neck to toes and occasionally sliding fingers in to Karma’s pussy and teasing her clit and nipples while she works. Have Chanel use 2 bottles of lube on each side. After the massage is complete I want Karma to instruct Chanel to climb on top of her and rub her breasts up and down Karma’s body and tease her clit with her nipples.

Now have Karma instruct Chanel to go put on the strap on and fuck her. Have them use multiple positions and while they fuck and use more lube over each other’s bodies. After Karma orgasms have her slide off the toy and instruct Chanel to remove the strap on and her panties. Then let Karma tease and play with Chanel’s pussy with her fingers and tongue before telling her to go get the double end toy. Have Karma remove the butt plug from Chanel and bring her to climax using the double ended toy. Have Chanel pouring more lube over her breasts and play with her nipples while she is being fucked. Once Chanel orgasms have Karma change positions and fuck both of them with the double ended toy until she has another orgasm. Finally have Karma instruct Chanel to get a towel and clean her off while she stands there having a final cigarette.

Once both ladies are cleaned up I want them both back in a domination style outfit of their choice sitting together. What I am looking for is a personal interview with both of them. I want to hear what they thought of the video, how the lube felt to both of them, what they both thought of using that as a massage oil and anything else they liked and didn’t like about it. For that part I would prefer totally honest answers and opinions and let their normal personalities shine.

Now as far as video there are a few specific things I want paid special attention to. First is when Karma inserts the anal plug in to Chanel, next when Chanel slides her fingers in to Karma during the massage, the first time the strap on is slid in to Karma’s pussy and again the first time the double ended toy is slid in to Chanel’s pussy. For those acts I would like the camera to get as close as possible. I would also love to see a POV style view from Chanel’s point of view while she fucks Karma with the strap on. Not the whole time just a part of it is perfect. Last but not least for this video I want it to have an overall lust and desire feel to it. I would prefer it not have a teenage slumber party feel to it. I would like to have the fucking scenes take place on a surface that will not absorb the lube so they end up in a puddle of it while they play.