Genital Hygenists

Medical Fetish Porn: Invasive exam of Cali Carter

The patient is sitting in a chair. The hygienists enters and introduce themselves as Sasha and Charlotte who will be their dental hygienists for today. After the introduction the two girls take out their exam gloves, medical masks, and dental instruments.

Once everything has been laid out, Sasha and Charlotte put on a pair of white latex gloves and Charlotte starts to assist Sasha while she is doing a quick dental exam on the patient.

Before Sasha begins, she tells the patient “Now open wide for me” she then takes a quick look around the patients mouth and notices they have a lot of cavities. Sasha then tells Charlotte that they will need to drill those cavities right away and that Charlotte should go ahead and get the laughing gas ready. Charlotte then give the patient laughing gas and puts him under.

Medical fetish porn - Cali Carter nurse joi

As soon as the patient wakes up they notice that the girls have strapped him to the exam chair unable to move their arms, legs, or head. Sasha and Charlotte are standing in front of him slightly laughing, they explain the reason why they are here and why he is strapped to the exam chair. The girls explain that they work in the same dental office as his wife and she has hired them to teach him a lesson since he has not been too nice to her.

Once they explain why he is there the two girls inform him that they will teach him a lesson like he won’t forget even if that means drilling and extracting all of his teeth. Once the girls have said that to the patient the girls say to each other well it looks like we have a lot of work ahead of us we better go ahead and get started.

Medical fetish porn - Cali Carter nurse joi

Charlotte then re-assembles the dental instruments as Sasha puts on blue colored pair of gloves, as Charlotte is preparing the instruments she shows each one to the patient and briefly describes how they will use the instruments on his mouth and teeth to teach him a lesson. After that Charlotte then puts on a blue pair of gloves and helps assist Sasha with the patients punishment with dental instruments.

Sasha says to Charlotte that he is not going to open his mouth so they will need to do something about that, Charlotte then says I have the perfect instrument for that and hands Sasha a dental retractor at which point the two force it into the patients mouth.

Once that has been done the two girls put on white latex gloves and take turns assisting each other by handing dental instruments to one another as they take turns pretending to slowly yet painfully scrape and examine the patients mouth.

Right after the girls take turns pretending to torture the patient they remove their gloves act like they take the dental retractor out and ask the patient if they learned their lesson yet, the patient just waves their head no which does not make the girls happy, so they tell each other well it looks like we will need to do some more work on him.

Medical Fetish Nursing Exam

Now that the girls are angry since the patient has not learned their lesson they inform him that what they are going to do next will be very unpleasant, at this point the Sasha says to Charlotte that she will take over and see if she can teach him a lesson and that its time to start drilling some of his teeth.

Sasha then hands Charlotte a dental face shield since things may get messy as well as a new pair of blue gloves, once Charlotte has put her gloves and shield on Sasha does the same. Sasha is now assisting Charlotte and hands her dental retractor to put back in the patients mouth and hands instruments to her so she can examine, scrap, and torture the patient.

Right after Charlotte says to Sasha please hand me the drill, Then Charlotte pretends to start drilling the patients teeth in order to teach him a lesson. After the exam and pretend torture with the drill the girls remove the dental retractor and their gloves as well as the dental face shields and again ask the man if he has learned his lesson and if he will be nicer to his wife. The patient just sits there quietly and that does not make Sasha or Charlotte happy.

Now that the girls have had enough they tell each other its time to start the extractions. Sasha then hands the dental face shield to Charlotte she puts it on along with a pair of white latex gloves then Sasha does the same. Charlotte then forces the retractor back into the patients mouth as she is doing so she says now hold still and open wide.

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Sasha then hands the dental tweezers to Charlotte then she proceeds to pretend to slowly yet painfully extract some of the patients teeth, as she is doing so Sasha is next to her handing Charlotte dental instruments that she needs for the extractions.

At one point during this procedure Sasha says to Charlotte let me get on the side of him to hold his head Sasha still remains visible on camera while holding the patients head as Charlotte continues with the extractions. After this the girls once again remove their face shields and gloves and ask the patient if he has had enough and if he will change, he still remains silent.

With the girls being so confused on why he still remains silent they think they have come up with a solution and that solution is to use a different part of the anatomy to get him to change, the girls then inform him that they will be using his penis/dildo to see if that works.

Sasha puts on a pair of white latex gloves and a dental face shield she tells Charlotte to do the same just in case things get messy then Charlotte does the same. The girls then have a dildo which will pretend to be the patients penis they tell him that if he changes they both will give him a hand job which will be done on a dildo, the patient nods their head and the girls lube their gloved hands up and proceed to give him a hand job together.

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At the very end the girls pretend like the man/dildo has finally cum. They then take off their face shields and gloves and say to each other well it looks like our work is done they then turn to the patient and tell them they will go ahead and schedule their next appointment and the two walk out of the room.