Foot Fetish Sex Adriana Chechik

The summary of the scene would be same model/character goes to a mechanic’s garage to pick up her car and gives the mechanic, a rough tomboy country lesbian who hates entitled rich city girls, a hell of an attitude and gets taught a messy lesson.

Adriana Chechik would work but no real preference. At the end of the day I’m looking for the “mechanic” character to play the part that’s a complete opposite of the “rich girl” in look and mannerisms.

Adriana Chechik Foot job fetish porn

A taller/rounder model for the mechanic character works just as well. Pretty much anything that’s the opposite of the hyper feminine ‘rich girl’ character is good for the mechanic – like short hair, tattoos, etc. In the absence of that then working your magic with differing makeup and clothing is the best way to go – heels, the mini dress, well applied makeup (false eyelashes, manicures nails, etc.) for the rich girl versus work boots, oil stained coveralls, and grease/grime covered hands and face for the mechanic.

So for example where the rich girl (Kendra James) would be slender and feminine, the mechanic is big and bulky. Where the rich girl is clean, well dressed, and immaculately manicured the mechanic is wearing a filthy work outfit with dirt and oil stains all over her. Etc.

For the “messy lesson” part it would be the mechanic manhandling and wrestling the more delicate rich girl and ruining her outfit and overall appearance with various things you’d find in a car repair shop. She would do things like push her onto the oil stained engine, wrestle her on the greasy floor, shove her head into a mop bucket with dirty looking water, face sitting, etc. The mechanic would be enjoying herself while doing it and making fun of the rich girl while the rich girl would be freaking out and revolted by the situation. Maybe end it with the rich girl tied up or something.

Hands and feet fetish

This scene would be a roleplay, where the man is the hitman and the woman is a ‘countess’ who catches the illusive hitman. The cosplay options I had were superheroes only, so that could be something I make up. Or the male could be an mercenary and the female can be a merchant and lure him. Kind of like the Witcher 3 master mirror tale.

The girl is dominant to the male and commands him in the scene

The guy and gal have oral sex with one another, while the guy kisses and tickles her feet. Typical foot fetish stuff. Oh and oil or something shiny is sexy. It ends with a footjob.

We can work out the variability of the scene but that’d basically be the main part of it. At the end of the day what’s important is that the rich girl starts with a high and mighty attitude while looking perfect and ends up completely defeated, frustrated, with a totally ruined outfit. Any questions please let me know.